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MobileHealthMap.org, the result of a long-standing collaboration among members of Mobile Healthcare Association and leaders within the field of mobile healthcare, is an innovative online tool for proving the cost-effectiveness of mobile health clinics nationwide. The project leadership team includes Anthony Vavasis, MD (Mobile Healthcare Association Board Chair) and Nancy Oriol, MD (Dean of Students, Harvard Medical School) serving as Principal Investigators. The team includes Darien DeLorenzo (Mobile Healthcare Association CEO & Executive Director), Jennifer Bennet (Executive Director, The Family Van, Boston) and Steve Samuelson (Executive Director, Mobile C.A.R.E. Foundation, Chicago).

With funding from Ronald McDonald House Charities, Harvard Medical School and The Boeing Company, the project team launched MobileHealthMap.org - a dual-purpose website focused on 1) mapping all mobile health programs across the country, visually demonstrating the extensive network of communities served by mobile clinics, and 2) offering mobile healthcare providers an online tool for calculating an ROI (return-on-investment) ratio for their mobile health services - a quantified value of mobile health clinic interventions that defines costs spared to the our nation's greater healthcare system. Not surprising to those engaged in mobile healthcare, preliminary results show that mobile health clinics with their emphasis on preventative care are saving millions of dollars through their cost-effective provision of basic services.


Yes, we are saving lives while saving money.
And, that's the power of prevention!

Add Your Clinic: Putting Your Mobile Health Program on the Map

MobileHealthMap.org is intended to show where every registered mobile health program is located throughout the United States. Our objective for the mapping component of the website is two-fold: 1) to enhance awareness among the public, government agencies and healthcare policy decision-makers of the extensive nationwide scope of mobile healthcare services; and, 2) to facilitate the public's ease of access to mobile health clinics in their communities.

The Map locates mobile health programs that offer a broad spectrum of services including: medical care (preventative, primary and specialty care), mammography, and oral healthcare. Populations being served, although predominantly focused on the underserved and uninsured, include group employees and military personnel. If your organization is a mobile healthcare provider, we encourage you to join us in continuing to develop this innovative website tool. To put your mobile health clinic on the map - Click Here

Calculating the ROI Value of Your Mobile Health Program

A major challenge for your organization is to prove the definitive value of the mobile health services that you provide. A complementary component of MobileHealthMap.org is a Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator that allows your organization to enter data related to the preventative care services provided on your mobile health clinic, the annual number of visitors to the mobile clinic, and annual operating costs. In return, you will receive a calculated ROI for your mobile health program. As an example, the ROI may be 1:35 - that is, for every operational dollar that is invested in your mobile health program, your organization is saving the greater health care system $35 - achieved as a result of your program's prevention of costly illnesses and avoidance of emergency department visits.

Currently, the Map is designed to calculate an ROI for programs focused on providing services that are preventative care oriented including medical primary care and mammography services. Future generations of the calculator will be designed for oral healthcare and programs that are singular medical specialty oriented such as diabetes or eye care.

You are invited to become a participating program in MobileHealthMap.org - any service data that you can provide will strengthen the evidence that mobile health programs decrease disparities in the U.S. healthcare system and thus, decrease healthcare costs. Even if you are unable to provide in-depth data, entering the number of annual visitors to your mobile clinic and visitor demographics is vital information that will further prove the value of mobile healthcare. To receive a calculated ROI for your program - Click Here

If you have questions and need assistance about MobileHealthMap.org and the ROI Calculator, contact Mobile Healthcare Association at ewallace@mobilehca.org