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Mobile HealthCare Association is pleased to alert you to funding opportunities for your Mobile Health clinic

Applications With Various Deadlines
California Healthcare Foundation

The California HealthCare Foundation is an independent philanthropy committed to improving the way health care is delivered and financed in California. By promoting innovations in care and broader access to information, our goal is to ensure that all Californians can get the care they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford. The Foundation focuses on three areas of funding:

Unsolicited Requests
Solicited Proposals
Grantee Resources

For funding assistance go to: http://www.chcf.org/grantinfo

The Foundation website is designed to assist applicants and grantees by providing guidelines, answers to frequently asked questions, and related forms. If after reviewing the materials here you need additional information, contact grants@chcf.org.

HRSA Preview / Currently Open Funding Opportunities

This website lists descriptions and links to current funding opportunities for Primary Health Care, Rural Health, and HIV/AIDS. Applicants submitting new applications, competing continuations, and certain non-competing continuations for guidance released on or after January 1, 2006 are required to submit electronically through Grants.gov. All applicants must submit in this manner unless the applicant is granted a written exemption from this requirement in advance by the Director of HRSA's Division of Grants Policy. Grantees must request an exemption in writing to DGPClearances@hrsa.gov. The request must provide details as to why they are not able to submit electronically though the Grants.gov portal. As indicated in the program guidances, paper applications will not be accepted without prior written approval for opportunities that mandate electronic submission through Grants.gov.

For more information and deadlines, go to: http://www.hrsa.gov/grants/

For assistance with the above Rural Health grants, contact:
Steve Hirsch
Federal Office of Rural Health Policy
Telephone: (301) 443-7322
Email: shirsch@hrsa.gov

Women Helping Others (WHO) Foundation

Offers Funding to Grassroots Charities Serving Women and Children

Grants are provided to organizations serving women and/or children in the United States and Puerto Rico. Specific projects and programs addressing health, education and social service needs are their priority. The Foundation recognizes the value of new programs created to respond to changing needs and will consider funding projects of an original or pioneering nature within an existing organization. In order to qualify for funding, an organization must have 501(c)(3) non-profit status through the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and be qualified to receive deductible charitable contributions. Organizations must have been incorporated for a minimum of three years prior to application. If you have received a WHO Foundation grant in the past, please wait three years before applying again. Preference will be given to organizations with an operating budget of $3 million or less, those not dependent upon government grants, and those with greater organizational program costs than personnel costs. Grants range from $6,000 to $30,000.

For more information and deadlines, go to: http://www.whofoundation.org/WHO_AppForm.htm

Telephone: 1-800-946-4663
Email: who@beauticontrol.com

IHS - Native American Research Centers for Health (NARCH) Grants

Grant to develop opportunities for conducting research and research training to meet the needs of American Indian/Alaska Native communities.

For more information and deadlines, go to: http://www.raconline.org/funding/funding_details.php?funding_id=394

For assistance, contact:
Timothy L. Taylor, Ph.D.,
Director of Planning, Evaluation and Research,
Indian Health Service,
801 Thompson Avenue, TMP,
Suite 450, Rockville, MD 20852-1750,
Telephone: (301) 443- 0222, Fax: (301) 443-1522,
Email: ttaylor@hqe.ihs.gov

Community Access To Child Health (CATCH) Planning Funds Program

This grant program supports pediatricians in planning a community-based child health initiative. Grants of up to $10,000 each are awarded each year on a competitive basis to pediatricians who want to assess and document the needs of children in the community, develop collaborative partnerships for planning the initiative, and successfully prepare for implementation of a program. Since its inception in 1993, the CATCH Planning Funds program has awarded planning grants to more than 600 pediatricians. The CATCH Planning Funds program is made possible through the generous support of Wyeth and contributions to the American Academy of Pediatrics Friends of Children Fund.

The CATCH Program has expanded to include the initial implementation process involved in developing programs aimed at increasing access to medical homes and other needed services. CATCH funding should lead to the development of successful CATCH programs that can be replicated in other communities. The CATCH Implementation Funds program provides grants in amounts from $2,500 to $10,000 for pediatricians to initiate an innovative, community-based proposal to increase children's access to health care. The CATCH Implementation Funds program will award these grants on a competitive basis.

For more information and deadlines, go to: http://www.aap.org/catch/planninggrants.htm

For assistance, contact:
American Academy of Pediatrics, CATCH Program,
Division of Community-based Initiatives
Department of Community, Chapter, and State Affairs
Telephone: (847) 434-7085
Email: catch@aap.org
Applications Accepted on an As Submitted Basis:

U.S. To Offer Doctors Free Electronic Records System

The Medicare program plans to announce that it will be giving doctors - free of charge - software to computerize their medical practices. The program begins in August, and the software is a version of a well-proven electronic health record system, called Vista, that has been used for two decades by hospitals, doctors and clinics with the Department of Veterans Affairs. New York Times...


Research on Emergency Medical Services for Children

Grants to improve the quality and quantity of research related to emergency medical services for children (EMSC).

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Independent Grants

Grants for projects which appeal to one of the foundation's interest areas including addiction treatment and prevention, childhood obesity, building human capital, health disparities, vulnerable populations, health insurance coverage, nursing, public health, quality health care, and tobacco use and exposure.

Robert Wood Johnson - Community Health Leadership Program AWARD

The Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leadership Program (CHLP) honors 10 people each year for creating or enhancing health programs serving underserved communities. If you know someone who finds creative ways, despite complex odds, to bring health services to their communities, they may be eligible for this award. Candidates...

Must be working full time at the grassroots level
May not have received significant national recognition
Must be in "mid-career," with at least five and no more than 15 years of community health experience

Nominations are open and can be made by consumers, community health leaders, health professionals and government officials who have been personally inspired by the nominees. The CHLP Letter of Intent (LOI) must be received by September 22, 2005.

For more information or to download the LOI, visit the CHLP website at http://www.communityhealthleaders.org or call the program office at (617) 426-9772.

Mailing Address:
Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leadership Program
89 South Street, Suite 405, Boston, MA 02111
FedEx Global Community Relations Program

Applications accepted on an ongoing basis. Core giving areas are emergency and disaster relief, pedestrian and child safety, education, health and human services and critical community needs.

Special Funding Report
Grant Funding For Children's Health Services

This new special report is brought to you from the editors of Health Grants Funding Alert and the Health Funds Grants Yearbook. From grants supporting programs to combat pediatric asthma, newborn hearing screening, and pediatric rehabilitation, to children's health prevention efforts, combating teen depression, and support for children's hospitals, millions of dollars in federal and foundation grants for services have been awarded and more is being planned.

To order: http://www.healthresourcesonline.com/health_grants/gfcs.htm