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2012 Annual Forum - Speakers

Mobile Healthcare Association is honored to present the following speakers at the Mobile Health Clinics Forum

Keynote Address
Ahmed Calvo, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Chief Medical Officer & Senior Advisor, Office of Health IT and Quality,
Office of Special Health Affairs, Office of the Administrator,
Health Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Welcome Address
Peggy Valentine, EdD, Dean, School of Health Sciences, Winston-Salem State University (NC)

Plenary Session - Ethics in Providing Service & Continuity of Care
Allen Finkelstein, DDS, CEO, Bedford Healthcare Solutions (MD)
Marisue Garganta, Director Community Health Integration, St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center (AZ)
Melody Goodman, MS, PhD, Assistant Professor, Division of Public Health Sciences,
Washington University School of Medicine (MO)

Plenary Session - Healthcare Reform
Barbara DiPietro, PhD, Director of Policy, National Health Care for the Homeless Council (MD)
Matthew Levy, MD, MPH, FAAP, Medical Director, Georgetown KIDS Mobile Medical Clinic (DC)
Pam Silberman, JD, Dr.PH, President & CEO, North Carolina Institute of Medicine (NC)

Plenary Session - Innovative Models of Care
Amy Biel, MPH, Heart to Heart International (KS)
Chris Petsko, MS, MHA, RCEP, CES, Director, Mobile Health Services, Winchester Medical Center (VA)
Kris Volcheck, DDS, MBA, Dental Director, Central Arizona Shelter Services Dental Clinic (AZ)

Special Plenary Session -
Integrating Public Health Quality and Prevention into the Mobile Health Model

Peggy Honore, Director, Public Health System, Finance, and Quality Programs
Office of Healthcare Quality, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, USDHHS
Nancy Oriol, MD and Anthony Vavasis, MD, Co-Principal Investigators, Mobile Health Map
Roxanne Elliott, First Health of the Carolinas (NC); Delaney Gracy, MD, Children’s Health Fund (NY);
Leo Lacayo, MD, The Health Hut (LA); Madge Vasquez, St. David’s Foundation (TX)

Plenary Session Moderators
Catherine Amiot, Executive Director, Mission of Mercy International (AZ)
Susan Finn, MSN, Program Director, Loyola University Medical Center (IL)
Deborah Kennedy, Community Outreach Coordinator, Parkview Comprehensive Cancer Center
Francine’s Friends Mobile Mammography (IN)
Richard Gesker, DMD, MBA, Chief Dental Officer, Mary’s Center for Maternal & Child Health
March of Dimes Mama & Baby Bus (DC )

Breakout Learning Sessions
Sophia Bamby, MHA, Clinical Education Program, Winston-Salem State University (NC)
Nancy Brown Connolly, RN, MS, PhDc, Director, HABITS for Life, Project HOPE (NM)
Erica Castillo, Operations Manager, St. David’s Foundation (TX)
Becky Floyd, MSW, LCSW, St. Louis Children’s Hospital (MO)
Richard Gesker, DMD, MBA, Chief Dental Officer, Mary’s Center for Maternal & Child Health
March of Dimes Mama & Baby Bus (DC)
Kate Kennedy, Child Advocate, St. Joseph’s Children’s Advocacy Center (FL)
Susan Kraenzle, RN, Manager, Breast Health Center, Barnes Jewish Hospital (MO)
Anyah Land, Evaluation & Analytics Coordinator, St. Louis Children’s Hospital (MO)
M. Susana Medeiros, Director, Health Innovations (MA)
Jill Moss, MSN, PHN, Manager, Community Outreach, Queen of the Valley Medical Center (CA)
Catherine O’Connor, MSN, ACRN, Northeastern University, Bouve School of Nursing (MA)
Michelle Radomski, RN, BSN, Manager, Healthy Kids Express, St. Louis Children’s Hospital (MO)
Catherine Rains, MPH, Evaluation & Analytics Coordinator, St. Louis Children’s Hospital (MO)
Peter Soliz, President/CEO, Vision Quest Biomedical (NM)
Penny Varner, RN, St. Joseph’s Advocacy Center (FL)
Madge Vasquez, Director of Operations, St. David’s Foundation (TX)

Sixth Annual - Intensive Training Course
George Hayes, NCPT, CRR, Manager, Mobile Medical Program, Scripps Health (CA)
James Comeaux, LCSW, Chief Operating Officer, Access Health Louisiana,
St. Charles Community Health Center (LA

Training Workshops
Driver Training - Gary Lewis, Director, RV Basic Training (CA)
Program Advocacy - Phil Cronin, President, Francis, Edward & Cronin (MA)
Communications Technology - Jerry McLarty, PhD, LSU-Shreveport Health Sciences/Feist-Weiller (LA)
Grant Writing - Elizabeth Anne Sclater, Grants Manager, Mary’s Center for Maternal and Child Care (DC)
Oral Health Infection Prevention & Control - Kathy Eklund, RDH, MPH & Sue Dodd, RDH, OSAP (GA)