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Donald L. Weaver, MD - Keynote
Acting Director, Office of Special Health Affairs,
HRSA, Assistant Surgeon General, United States Public Health Service

Callen-Lorde Community Health Center (NY)

Anthony Vavasis, MD, Director of Medicine

Children's Health Fumd (NY)
Arturo Brito, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Executive Vice President

Deamonte Driver Dental Project (WADC)
Hazel J. Harper, DDS, MPH, FACD, Dental Director and Co-Founder;
Past President, National Dental Association; Advisory Task Force, NIH Office of Research on Women's Health

Fox Chase Cancer Center (PA)
Linda Hammell, Program Director, Cancer Screening Health Communications and Disparities

GNO Immunization Network (LA)

Charmaine Allesandro, RN, MSHA, Executive Director

Hands Together/Catholic Missions in Haiti (PA)

James A. Della Valle, MD, Director, Family Medicine Residency Program, Guthrie Clinic, Robert Packard Hospital

Harvard Medical School (MA)

Nancy Oriol, MD, Dean of Students, Founder, The Family Van

John Muir Health/Community Health Alliance (CA)

Chris Grazzini, RN, MS, Program Manager

LSU Feist-Weiller Cancer Center, Partners in Wellness (LA)

Jennifer Green, MHSA, Project Coordinator
Jerry McLarty, PhD, Director, Cancer Prevention and Control

LSU Mobile Dental Program (LA)

Kim Nelson, Program Coodinator

March of Dimes (LA)

Rosita Bustamante-Forest, APRN, MPH, Program Director, Mobile Health Center

Mexico Health Ministry (MX)

Jorge Valdez-Garcia, MD, MA, General Director, Health Planning & Development

Mobile C.A.R.E. Foundation (IL)

Stephen Samuelson, MPA, Executive Director

MYT Group LLC (NY)

Arthur DeLorenzo, President

New Orleans Children's Health Project, Yulane School of Medicine (LA)

Alina Olteanu, MD, PhD, Medical Director
Laniqua Roussell, Program Manager, Mobile Clinic

Norton Healthcare, Norton Cancer Institute, Prevention and Early Detection Program (KY)

Tina Hembree, MPH, Program Manager

Parkview Health Comprehensive Cancer Center (IN)

Debi Kennedy, Community Outreach Coordinator

Queen of the Valley Medical Center (CA)

Maryam Mohsenzadeh, DDS, Dental Director
Jill Moss, MSN, PHN, Manager, Community Outreach

RV Basic Training, LLC (CA)

Gary Lewis, Managing Director

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System (IL)

Monica Dunn, RDH, Program Manager

Scripps Health (CA)

George Hayes, NCPT, Manager, Mobile Medical Unit

St. Anna's Medical Mission (LA)

Diana Meyers, RN, BSN, Director, Community Wellness

St. Charles Community Health Center (LA)

James Comeaux, LCSW, Chief Operating Officer

The Family Van (MA)

Jennifer Bennet, Executive Director

The Rocky Mountain Youth (CO)

Robin Dunn, Mobile Care Coordinator
Larry Wolk, MD, MSPH, Founder/Executive Director

Tulane School of Medicine (LA)

Karen B. DeSalvo, MD, MPH, MSc, Professor of Medicine, C. Thorpe Ray Endowed Chair in Internal Medicine
Vice Dean, Community Affairs and Health Policy

Tulane University (LA)

Leah Berger, MPH, Director, Community Health Programs